Search Matters Weekly Search Panoply

Break out your Mortimer Ichabod Marker you wordsmiths, you. It’s time for another edition of weekly search links. I’ve been getting some resistance from the upper echelons on the quality and tone of these weekly posts, that perhaps they are not moving in the direction originally intended. But I think we’re on to something here. Therefore, I will not deign to discontinue my current tradition until I’m forced to do so. Heaven knows, I’ve been accused of recalcitrance, intractability, defiance, mulishness and downright fussiness, but I have never doubted the erudition - nor the encyclopedism - of our learned readers. We have a connection dear reader. To paraphrase the Bard -’Your smarts are redonk. For reals.’

  • How to identify those illusive long-tail patterns. (SEOmoz)
  • Guess what? Headlines don’t sell. Products do. Write headlines (ad text, ect) to engage not pander. (Copyblogger)
  • EveryScape knits together all photos of a place and provides a 3D world viewer that scares the crap out of me. I need to clean my apartment. (SE Land)
  • Use Adwords to help plan your keyword strategy. Well, yeah. (SE Roundtable)
  • Mirror, mirror on the web, which of your domains did you think were dead? (ClickZ )
  • Want more links? Why not just ask? (SEO-BH)
  • Page Rank expained. Kind of. Oh, well not really in fact. (SEL)

Next week: Well, we’ll see won’t we?

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