Searchers Spend More

There’s an interesting article today over at (by way of Marketing Pilgrim) discussing the findings of a recent Yahoo/ChannelForce study looking at how the Internet and search engines affect in-store purchases of electronic shoppers at big box stores like Best Buy and Target.

The article outlines several key findings from the study, but by far the two most interesting findings are:

  • The Internet is the top resource for researching digital cameras and televisions
  • Consumers who use search engines to research a digital camera or television spend, on average, 10% more on their purchase in the store than non-searchers.

What makes these findings so compelling is the fact that, in addition to confirming many of the things we already know about searcher behavior, they serve as a convincing example of search engines reaching beyond the SERP and influencing offline decisions.

Obviously, these findings aren’t particularly shocking if you work in search. However, for those unfortunate few who don’t work in search or Internet marketing, this study shows, quite convincingly that the web, as a marketing medium, is still growing and something that marketing professionals ignore or stumble upon at their peril.

Check out the website for more information on this article.

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