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Atlas now faces the Google Analytics Dilemma

Microsoft completed its acquisition of Aquantive yesterday, which among other things includes Atlas and its media management and tracking tools. It’ll be interesting to watch the reactions of Atlas customers.
Google Analytics receives a cold shoulder from a few large advertisers, on concerns that their tracking partner also happens to be their largest ad network. Some [...]

Google Maps Go Vertical in NYC

Google started integrating 3D wireframes by default into Maps for a few major cities. There’s no better place than New York City to take a test drive - check out some screenshots of these landmark buildings…

Google: Flash Fixes Can Be “Dangerous”

This is Part 1 in an 5-part series of posts on a recent SEMNE session that gave the audience access to a Google insider. Dan Crow, Program Manager of Crawl Systems, was the guest speaker to an audience of about 100, ranging from SEO novices to industry experts.
Google displayed a new degree of openness [...]

Monetizing YouTube Traffic

In a recent post on international video search, we looked at the new portals being launched by YouTube and MySpace, and how they could open new marketing channels to a global audience. But how exactly does a YouTube video translate into SEO results, and does that traffic have any commercial value?
Videos grab attention
The connection between [...]

New Formats and Metrics for Online Video Ads

Lots of new developments in online video advertising:
Different approaches to video ad formats at TechCrunch
“eMarketer expects online video advertising to nearly double in 2008 to $1.3 billion, but no one’s really nailed a scalable ad platform for video. However, Google’s been quietly testing their own system and there are a bunch of other startups tackling [...]

International Video Search Arrives

Now that online video has become mainstream in the U.S., video portals are venturing abroad. Does this represent a new opportunity for online marketers? Let’s take a quick look at the new developments:
Google will be rolling out navigation, framework, and domain names for localized versions of its market-leading YouTube video portal. Right now, YouTube is [...]

Fortune 500’s Way-Too-Lite Online Advertising

Fortune 500 companies have always approached online advertising with a bit of hesitation. Yes, they do search - but not until smaller players had done it for years. Yes, they do blogging… ditto. A familiar pattern, one that’s driven by caution, and the need to explain their actions to shareholders.
A recent article on MarketWatch [...]

Lee Odden is #1 for “Lee Odden” (Oh wait: that doesn’t matter anymore.)

Lee Odden posted on personalization of search results, and how customized search results spelled the end of conventional ranking reports. He then proceeded to blast an unnamed SEO company for mentioning that they use WebPosition to provide ranking reports for their clients:
At a recent conference I attended, a speaker from a very large search engine [...]

Report from SES: Linkbaiting

One of the hottest topics at the SES Conference in New York was the concept of “linkbaiting”. Content producers have always known that hot news items attract visitors in droves. Providing viral tools such as “E-mail to a friend” can help encourage that. But in the last couple years, viral marketing has acquired a new [...]

Online Video for Healthcare Companies

Since the DTC advertising took-off ten years ago, pharmaceutical companies have been aware of the persuasive power of video. TV commercials have brought an unprecedented degree of awareness to mass audiences, and have brought depth and dimension to products that would otherwise be difficult to explain. Now that opportunity [...]