Search Matters Weekly Search Links

For those of you who, like me, don’t happen to be at SES, there is actually some search news happening that isn’t in New York city. Which is where all your colleagues are. Laughing. Networking. Maxing out their expense accounts. Completely not sitting back at the office blogging. Good times.

  • Jupiter study finds that local search and vertical search are on the rise. Whew! (Search Engine Land)
  • Jupiter also says that Search Marketers are happy with ROI and plan to spend more. (ClickZ)
  • Jupiter is a failed star, or gas giant that saves us from most intra-solar system comets and meteors (Wiki-P)
  • Why you should blog. And this one says a little more than my list which is: for the money, duh. (SEOmoz)
  • Sometimes you can actually over SEO-ize your site. (Copyblogger)
  • From the dark side…viral videos. Beware. Only what you take with you… (SEO Blackhat)
  • 6 Reasons Aaron Wall shouldn’t blog: Again: for the money duh… (SEO Book)
  • Dave Sifry expands his “State of..” from the blogosphere, to the “State of the Live web.” Next, is Sifry’s “State of the known universe including your box full of wires that your fiancee keeps trying to throw away, but when she needed an extension cord for her bridal shower, that box was looking pretty good wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?” (Sifry’s Alerts)

And to kill the rest of your afternoon: The entire movie Office Space, reshot using Peeps as actors. Freekin. PEEPS. Head over to YouTube to see it because apparently it’s too hot for our servers to handle. (Go)

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