SEO Best Practices from a Google Engineer

This is Part 3 in an 5-part series of posts on a SEMNE session that gave the audience access to a Google staffer who gave useful tidbits of “insider” knowledge. Dan Crow, Program Manager of Crawl Systems was the guest speaker to an audience of about 100 who ranged from SEO novices to industry experts.

In addition to having a functioning, “jazzy” website, Dan emphasized that your site should encompass what the SEO experts already consider “Best Practices” for success with Organic Search not only with Google, but other major search engines.

  • Relevant Content – Make sure that your site has information that is relevant to the script/coding that is being read by the spiders. If you don’t heed this advice, you risk being “penalized” (yes, Mr. Crow actually touched on penalties).
  • Involve Users – If at all possible, allow the users of your site to leave comments or blog, to help build a community on your site. It helps to drive repeat visitors.
  • Monitor the site using Webmaster Central – If you can not find your site on Google, Dan strongly encourages the use of Webmaster Central. If you submit a sitemap, Google will look at those pages and any linked to them. In addition to being a great starting point to get your site indexed, there are a lot of great free tools that can help you manage your site.
  • Links – How does a new site get links? You have to request them from “quality” sites. Dan emphasized that “quality links should be for the users, not the search engines”. Make sure you build-up links over time, and don’t succumb to the temptation of getting links from link farms or your site will get dropped like a hot potato.

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