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But T’Pau I have this burning…

NuqneH. Greetings. Here are the weekly search links, traveler. Qapla’ in all your efforts.

  • New data suggests that 28% of people click through on 2nd and 3rd page results in search engines. Idiots. (SEOmoz)
  • Create media buzz via video. Bow chicka bow chicka. Wait. Maybe not that kind of video. (SMO)
  • SPOCK, the people search engine is alive! And set to live long and prosper. I wonder if they’ll get pon farr? It’s Kobayashi Maru if you ask me. (SE Land)
  • Hey. Guess what? Your Baby Einstein is a stupid dummy. (Time)
  • Google is indexing so fast you can see results from the future. Well close. Well not really close at all. Whatever. (Matt Cutts)
  • The Wikipedia and Google relationship: Let’s just say that when Wikipedia visits Google’s crib, Google always has some Barry White going and a bottle of Margeaux open by the fireplace next to the bear skin rug. Sho’ you right, baby. (Threadwatch)
  • Is your in-house SEO staff up to par? (aimClear)
  • Landing page makeover clinic. Your landing pages definitely need some highlights. (Copyblogger)
  • Online advertising spend set to surpass newspaper advertising in less than 5 years. Well, yeah. Don’t they wrap fish in newspapers? I don’t see my Adwords results wrapping any fish. Just sayin’. (SE Roundtable)

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